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About UKTV2C.com

Providing the very best in UK television abroad

UKTV2C.com is a professional UK television streaming provider, giving UK citizens the opportunity to watch and enjoy UK television from anywhere in the world, include all overseas countries.

From our dedicated data centre in the north of England, we are set-up to offer the very best in service to our customers using place-shift devices that send high quality television pictures over the internet. It is our firm belief and philosophy that you as a UK citizen has the right to watch your TV entitlement wherever you are, whenever you want.

By using state of the art internet streaming technology, we are able to deliver picture perfect UK TV channels from the UK to wherever you have a broadband internet connection worldwide so now it is possible to enjoy UK TV using a PC, Mac, smartphone, handheld device or even a standard TV... all you need is a broadband connection and the correct, FREE software to make it happen.

We handle all the necessary technical work for you to make it as easy as possible with no hassles. We host and provide the equipment, whether this be a freeview, freesat or satellite receiver and will get your package set-up in quick time, to your exact requirements. So whether you want to watch your old favourites on BBC, ITV or Channel 4 or you are a sporting enthusiast who can't miss any of the action, we can provide exactly what you need.

Our service is completely legal and complies with all UK television licensing laws. But most importantly, our service really does work because we have spent many months optimising our hosting facility to ensure the best picture and sound quality can be achieved direct to your home, whether you are based in Europe, Asia, Oceania, North or South America - in fact anywhere there is an internet connection.

Our service to you is a one-to-one dedicated connection so you watch what you want, when you want it. You control your set-top box just as if you were sat in the same room so if you want to change channels, set up a recording or even pause live TV, you have the power. Not to be confused with online, low-quality streaming of TV stations found on numerous video websites, chat rooms and message boards (which in most cases are illegal), our service is guaranteed to maintain maximum uptime and picture quality because only you can watch your stream. None of our streams are shared.

Our technical support team are on hand 24/7, 365 so we're here to help you when you need us.

Try us out and see for yourself - FREE!

If you want to see just how good we are then why not register for a free 24 hour trial? We are so sure you'll be impressed with our service that you'll want to join us.

For all enquiries or questions, please contact us at your convenience.

Call +441614080812 to order